Audit Preparation: The Employee Perspective

Audits, whether an internal or external is being conducted on a periodic basis. Meaning, expecting an audit to happen is just a normal thing to do as an employee. But what seems to matter is, although audits are anticipated, employees are often caught off guard during the actual audit process.

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As an employee, it is a duty and responsibility to be audit ready at all cost.  Although, it is inevitable that there might be some observations or even non-compliance to be raised during the audit, this does not mean that there is a lack of preparation in the sense that there might be some changes in the way of working thus affecting operational procedures and policies. It is normal for employees to feel taxed when issues are being raised especially if there is a direct involvement, but, the management should always ensure to brief their workforce that audits are done for the sake of improvement and not for the blame game.

In the perspective of an employee, audits are rather pressuring and demanding. But with the proper guidance and leadership, they will be able to learn that audits are merely done to develop and enhance them and the way their work.



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