Benefits of Eating Organic Food

When you go to groceries, you see more products marked organic. That is because more people are now learning of the benefits of eating organic food. From Wholefoods, you will now see organic food products at Jewel Osco, Marianos, Tonys and Costco.

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Fewer Pesticides

Organic food products are grown with very little or none at all chemicals. For food products that are grown the ordinary way, pesticides and other chemicals are used. These chemicals may possibly stay with the food that we eat and ingest.


Organic food are usually grown in small farms close to where they are sold. This is because organic food products do not contain chemicals that will allow them to last longer. So, these food products need as little travel time as possible.

Less Alterations

Organic food are not introduced to GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms. If this something that you want to avoid, you should also avoid try organic food products for your day to day meals.



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