Health is Wealth

The saying goes that health is wealth and this is an overused statement for some. Being healthy is one’s very own responsibility to himself. Being healthy may not only mean a vigorous on the physical aspect but may also refer to mental, emotional, spiritual and social fitness.

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Being healthy is a commitment and a real hard work. Here are some ways to ensure excellent health in all aspects of an individual:

  1. Eat healthily by cutting on fats, sugar and salt. Add varieties of vegetables, fruits and protein in the diet.
  2. Exercise regularly. This does not require any gym membership at all. One can be healthy by walking and simple exercising.
  3. Get enough sleep. An average sleep of at least 8 hours a day is what the body requires.
  4. Stress is one of the health risks among people, thus relaxation will be helpful to be at one’s optimum level.

Being healthy is a necessity nowadays and this certainly will lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.




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