Safe Airline Food

When you are at 45,000 feet from the ground, you do not want or need any of your passengers getting sick especially if it is because of the food that you served them. You also would not want passengers getting sick after a flight and later on get back press. So, you should make sure that the food you serve are safe for consumption whether the passenger is in flight or has just gotten off your plane.

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What are some guidelines you should consider when handling food for an airline? Here are some of them.

Watch for Food Temperature

Airline food goes from one hand to another several times. From the supplier, it may sometimes go to the storage for your airline. Afterwards, you will need to transport it from your own storage to the plane. There are some companies that will save you the extra work of storing in your own storage and will bring the food straight to your plane. Nonetheless, you still need to make sure that the food temperature during transport and in storage will not reach between 39 to 140° Fahrenheit or at the very least, do not let the food stay within this temperature for more than a few minutes.

Watch out for Cross Contamination

Raw food is prone to bacteria. You should make sure that raw food does not touch food that are no longer going to be cooked. Cooking food can get rid of bacteria, but once it touches vegetables or fruits that are consumed without cooking, there is no way to get rid of bacteria and will then cause food poisoning or diseases from eating contaminated food.

There are a lot of other steps you can take to ensure safe food handline for airline food. Make sure that you take all these into consideration when you are storing, preparing and serving food.


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