Staying Healthy

When you are younger, say, in your 20’s or 30’s, staying fit does not require too much effort. However, as your turn to your 40’s and up, staying fit and healthy needs a little more work, research and creativity.

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For some in their 40’s, staying fit can be a challenge and sometimes even painful. Have no fear, though, there are foods that you can eat to stay healthy and fight the sore muscles and aches. Here are some of them.

  1. Beetroot : the International Society of Sports Nutrition made the discovery after several runners drank beet juice regularly and have their soreness and muscle pain reduced.
  2. Caffeine : can help your body deal with post-workout soreness
  3. Sour Cherries : drinking cherry juice will help your muscles recover faster after your workout
  4. Ginger : has the same active ingredient as Aspirin
  5. Tomato Juice : Drinking tomato, will help your body have clearer skin.

There are a lot of other food that you can eat to stay healthy and fight the soreness. A little research and a lot of work on your part, you can be healthy and you can stay healthy.


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